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Hawaii Deep Blue Half Liter


- Our water is a true product of Hawaii
- Our water is harvested 3,000 feet beneath the waters off the coast of Kona
- Our water is bottled at Pacific Allied Inc, a state-of-the-art bottling facility in Kapolei
- Our bottles are manufactured in Oahu
- Our label was designed by a local design firm
- Our water does not impact Hawaii's public fresh water sources

Our Hawaii Deep Blue water originates in the far regions of the polar caps and slowly migrates to the Hawaiian Islands. This journey takes nearly two thousand years. The long isolation of the Deep Ocean Water around Hawaii has prevented contact with the discharges of industrial society such as pesticides, hormones, and other potentially disruptive waste materials. In contrast, all surface waters on land, as well as the mixed surface layer of the ocean have been affected by discharges from the Industrial society. The earth contains 97% salt water, and only 3% fresh water. Of this 3%, only 1.5% is actually fit for human and agricultural consumption, the rest being sadly polluted.

By harvesting this Deep Ocean Water from 2,000 feet below the ocean surface, our company is not taking this precious resource commodity from our limited public water supplies. The vast majority of bottled water is taken directly "from the tap" of municipal water supplies, treated, and then "resold" as a premium product.

To make the point real, here in Hawaii, one of the most desirable vacation spots in the world, we have periodic water conservation recommendations from the Hawaii Municipal Board of Water supply. With our influx of millions of tourists and the whims of Mother Nature, we have periodic droughts, which forces all of us, including our tourist industry to conserve water throughout the Island chain, including hotels and public beaches. There's nothing more surprising to a hotel guest, than to pay several hundred dollars per night for a luxury room, only to be reminded by a housekeeping note to conserve water and take shorter showers. On the other side of the coin, several large bottling companies here in Hawaii, take water from public water sources, through the tap, and bottle and ship this water overseas, particularly to Asia. The Hawaiian people and tourists of Hawaii must conserve water, while some bottling companies ship our precious commodity overseas at a profit. This story is played out across the USA with the large bottling companies reselling municipal water to other geographic locations.

Also, found in our public water supplies there our more far reaching problems. There have been discovered in many public water sources in the U.S. and throughout Europe, diluted amounts of prescription and nonprescription drugs. Many in the health industry have questioned whether, even at low low levels, whether these medications could affect human health and reproduction.

In an article titled: Prozac in Drinking Water? Likely So.
By Jeanie L. Davis, as reported on WebMD Medical News.


The news is not good: "The compounds we use in small amounts can get significantly concentrated because of how we handle wastewater," says Herb Buxton, coordinator of the United States Geological Survey's Toxic Substances Hydrology Program. "Our filtration systems aren't built to treat these kinds of chemicals -- organic chemicals. We need more sophisticated technology to filter them. Treatment systems were all initially designed to get rid of bacteria and viruses. They have filters and use chlorine, but that doesn't do a whole lot to get rid of chemical contaminants."
"If a woman is pregnant or trying to get pregnant, that's the time to be most careful -- drink bottled or filtered water", he advises. "That's especially true if your water is coming from a major river system or water source that has a lot of sewage treatment plants going into it. That's where you have to be concerned."

"A healthy adult won't likely feel major effects from these drugs", says Robert Morris, MD, PhD, an environmental health consultant and professor at Tufts University. "But boy, I'd like to see us gather more data on this. The list of chemicals being produced is huge. The mixture coming down these waterways contains many, many chemicals. We don't know how they interact. We don't know their total effect. I don't want to scare people. There's no cause for panic. But certainly there is more cause for getting more information."

Hawaii Deep Blue bottled water is environmentally friendly: there is no impact on our public water sources. Our water contains no pollutants, hormones, or diluted medications. We are as pure as nature always meant it to be.


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