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Hawaii Deep Blue Half Liter


- The only inexhaustible supply of water on earth is the ocean
Deep Ocean Water guarantees us an inexhaustible supply of "environmentally friendly" water.

- We do not strain the limited local water supply
By harvesting this Deep Ocean Water from more than 2,000 feet below the ocean's surface, our company is not taking precious water from our limited public water supplies. The vast majority of bottled water is taken directly "from the tap" of municipal water supplies, treated and then "resold" as a premium product. Hawaii Deep Blue is "Earth friendly water" as we support water conservation by not using Municipal Water sources.

- We are a low carbon footprint company
We harvest our deep ocean water off the islands of Hawaii. The harvesting of water does no harm to the environment. We source our bottling and packaging materials from local suppliers and we bottle our water right here on the island. We consume much less fuel for transportation versus off-island Brands.

- Our water is pure and pristine as nature always meant to be
Our water contains no pollutants, hormones or residual prescription medication. Our water is "Pre-industrial Water", too deep and too cold to be contaminated by mankind, our water is rich with minerals and nutrients and unique to the commercial bottle water industry.

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